Meri Handi... Have you ever heard a Hindi proverb... 'Aaj kya naya paka rahe ho dimag me...'. This simply means 'Some unabsorbed random but interesting thoughts coming in somebody's mind'. And here comes the initial idea of 'MeriHandi'. 'HANDI' is an Indian folk term used for 'FRYING PAN' and in jolly language sometimes used for 'MIND'. So it's my mind and yes of-course some other MINDS OVERLOADED WITH IDEAS, IMAGINATION AND THOUGHTS. Some of our traveling experiences, some our life experiences and some which we experienced nowhere, but in mind and of-course delicious taste-bud experiences, all are here to boggle your mind.

Even you may also contribute in it with your name, if you have some interesting story with you. Just e-mail it to me with proper categorization and important keywords (Tags) listing. Keep reading...

Meet the writers

Me (Aabha Pandey)

By profession a web and graphic designer from past 11 years. It is today's most happening industry in India. Parties... youngsters... picnics... tours... Your next bencher will have a hidden talent you never know. Gossiping, imagination, creativity all are its part and so am I.

I do writing and poetry. And before releasing this blog it was only for me. I have a very different angle of view on day-to-day things and incidents with God's grace spirituality and belief in his good wishes for me.

Do read and send your feedback about the content and website so that I can make it more interesting and useful.

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