Clicks are some of my captures near my heart with a short story behind. The moments you love and want to hold them forever... The Nature... Sky... Sea... Mountains... Animals... Flowers... Tall Trees.... All tells me a different story of life. So just check the clicks and don't forget to read the short stories behind...

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The Silent Chapters (Feel the beauty of click without any words...)


  1. Aabha Pandey
    @AtulGoswami I have made some changes in this section and hope you like it and it will resolve your issue. :) Keep Commenting.
  2. Aabha Pandey
    Thanks @AtulGoswami. Yes I am working on this issue and soon you will get a newer and improved version of 'Clicks'. Thanks.
  3. Atul Goswami
    Clicks are great but description is not clearly visible on some images.
  4. Akash
    The incredible flow of emotions via photography. Awesome places to visit. :)
  5. Rajeev
    Nice update.
  6. Soniya Chauhan
    Wow your clicks are great and inspires me a lot. Cheers and keep it up.