How to Enhance Your Brain Power?

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Everybody wants to enhance his brain power... to memorize more facts... to store information in his mind in a proper way. Let's see how we can achieve it by changing some of our routine works.


We all want to become successful in life and for that use different types of approaches. Read books, newspapers, watch TV, surf internet, gather knowledge, enhance our general knowledge and skills, show-off our gained intelligence, share our experience, do good dress-up, learn multiple languages, and a lot more.... But sometimes in all these miscellaneous tasks, we miss what we actually want to do. Today a person, having knowledge of each field or who can talk on any subject and prove himself correct on it; has worth. Everybody gets impressed by him and he becomes successful soon. So one can say 'No matter you are talking right or wrong, but if you can prove yourself correct... You are right and successful.' On initial stage it seems as a correct approach, but in a long run, it ruins your career and mind. So be careful... Here are 5 easy tips to enhance your brain power:

1. Stay away from machines as much as you can

There are several reasons why one should use machines in a limit and here are a few:

  1. Technological dependencies make our brain and body more USELESS. We are having information on a click, phone numbers, addresses even passwords... we do not remember anything now. For calculations, we use calculator; for memorizing things and appointments, we use digital diaries and calendars; for time, we use clocks and now a days digital watch; instead of reading, we like to watch video of information; from washing machine to mixer grinder to ready-made food mixes; we have everything on tips and instant. These all things are making our mind and body lazy. We understand that just due to these life-easing machines, we are becoming physically weak day-by-day. We soon get exhausted by work. We hate sweating. The same happens to our mind as well. Storing information on devices instead of mind, making it weak. We feel frustrated, become angry soon, weak in calculations and memorizing things. If we try to read we feel sleepy. Everything related to mind-work seems boring and we start shouting just to hide our weaknesses.
  2. The devices involved in radiation, compresses brain cells. So mobile, remote control devices, television should be avoided as much as we can. Never sleep just after shutting television in the same room where television is and never sleep with your mobile. For alarm, use alarm clock. If you are talking on mobile for long time, use earplug and keep mobile on a distance. Radiating devices may cause brain cancer in a long run.
  3. Today gaining information is so easy. With the help of Television, internet and mobile we can have information of each minute. But most of the information is not of our use, but we grasp it in detail and from multiple sources, so it stays longer in our brain than before and reduces our capacity to process and store the actual needed information.

2. Avoid Time Killers and Garbage Information Distributors

In our life we have different types of time killers. They not only waste our important time but also send unnecessary information in our precious mind. It is better to read good books or enhance skills instead of being surrounded by time-killers. Here are a few time killing situations:

  1. Time Killer Friends/Neighbors/Relatives: Identify time killer people around you. They could be anywhere, at your workplace, near or inside your home... anywhere. Keep a distance from them. Being social is good, but how much and with whom that matters a lot. Once in a month or in few functions being with them is fine, but on a day-to-day basis it is harmful for your brain. Even if you are managing your time accordingly and giving them your free time only, but what about the redundant information they are passing to your mind on a daily basis? Look at the students preparing for competitions, they talk less and avoid time wasters just to save their brains from them.
  2. Time Killer Phone Calls: Some people have the power to talk for hours on phone. Could you imagine the importance of one hour in a 24 hour day?
  3. Time Killer Social Media: Social Media is the number one time killer with no proper gains for a common man. One person uploads his picture and all other start commenting. The uploader checks every comment he is receiving and reply them instantly. If not received any comment from a long time, he feels uneasy and uploads another photo for commenting. This is an endless process where one watches other people upload, do commenting for others, upload his content and wait for other people comments. It is a way to show-off, but it has no practical use. Jokes, Good Morning Messages, Political and Historical true and fake facts, all are there to confuse your mind.
  4. Time Killer Internet: Yes no doubt internet is useful, but many a times it becomes 'Garbage Information Distributor'. You search for anything, let's say you have searched 'How to start meditating'; you will have hundreds of different results, some with videos also. Now you will at least view 10 solutions out of it and there is no surety of their correctness and usefulness for you. Apart from it you will have similar results for other problems as well. So once you start searching, you end-up with different types of information ready to set in your mind. I called it 'Garbage Information' because it is not always based on truth and many a times not useful for you.
  5. Time Killer and Fraudulent News Channels: We start believing on information which has eye-to-eye contact, emphasis on words and repetition of same information. And this is what our news channels are providing. Their reporters just repeat a single, simple sentence in different ways, give emphasis on words and our mind starts imagining that situation. For hours we are not able to come out from that news. News channels repeat spicy news for weeks. Create unnecessary arguments to confuse our mind. Shows prejudiced reports and we believe on it.
  6. Time Killer Movies and TV Serials: A serial for amusement is fine. But most of the movies and serials play with viewers' emotions. We already know that it is all false, but still it sets in our brain. The imagination starts taking its shape. Our fear of ghost, fear of God, image of mother-in-law, our knowledge about history and mythology, all have reflection of these serials and movies.

3. Use Mind Storage Tactfully

Our mind is not a bin to store all informations in the world.. We have to teach our brain what to store and how to store.

  1. Reading is a good habit and for authentic and quality information we can believe more on books than internet. Because it is far easy to disturb mind of masses by generating small fake news on internet than writing and publishing a book. Yes books also tell lies, but if you are a scholar and reading is your habit, then you will be able to find the truth and difference between authentic and fake books.
  2. Prioritize Information: Knowledge is unlimited and you cannot have information about each and every topic till the depth. So better prioritize it. First of all keep a fixed time slot on a fix time for enhancing your skills. In the same way give different time slots to your health related tasks, your interests, family time and a fix time to gather all other worldly information. Apart from it keep a time slot for meditation. Meditation increases our brain power and grasping power.
  3. Mind Mapping Techniques: Our brain has a set pattern to store information and we should also follow them. Mind-Mapping techniques are pictorial representation of information related with each other. We use symbols and colors to create branches or small blocks of different information about a particular subject. It has no set rules and one can create as per his imagination.

4. Be Playful and Stress-free

Stress happens when we start thinking about some topic repeatedly. It decreases our memorizing power and harms our brain cells. We start forgetting things and become frustrated. Due to this we have to face hormonal imbalance and diseases. To reduce stress here are some ways:

  1. Laughing is the best remedy for any disease... for removing stress and for keeping your body fit and fine.
  2. Physical Work helps in distracting your mind from tension. But it should not be the routine work. You may start jogging, skipping, yoga, dance, outdoor games, anything as physical work.
  3. Meditation after physical work, relaxes mind and body and increases brain powers. Deep breath in meditation, increases oxygen supply in our brain and opens blocked cells.
  4. Developing some interest helps a lot to divert your mind become stress-free. You know your interest very well, so just start it. It may be novel reading, writing poetry, painting, dancing, photography or anything you like.
  5. Start writing diary. It helps to remember important tasks for the next day, planning for future and to write and forget your day that you have passed.
  6. Drink water and water supplements as much as possible. Water decreases stress and regulate proper blood circulation in our body and mind.
  7. Take 6 to 7 hours sleep daily. Sleep is responsible for proper development of mind. While sleeping stored information of the whole day sets in our mind, new cells develop in this duration and our physical and mental stress gets down. Proper sleep at night and a small nap in work hours, increases our working capacity.

5. Music and Math

I know you were thinking, music is fine, but math creates stress then how come it is helpful in increasing brain powers. But recent researches prove that if a 7 month pregnant lady listens classical music (Music with Rhythm) or solves math puzzles, her child have enormous mind. Plants grow better after listening classical music. So it impacts on all of our nerves and brain. Mathematics and reasoning questions work like medicine for brain activities and sharpen our mind.

So avoid unnecessary use of internet and TV and put that saved time for some better tasks to enhance mind powers.

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