Tree's Appeal

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:: What was in my mind ::
Trees are precious. They give us life, pure air, food and everything which makes our life easy. So we should also respect nature and save trees. On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June, here is one of my brother's childhood compositions which were prepared for school competition.

I saw a tall big tree somewhere,
He called me, please come here,
I will tell you a story flare,
Please listen me and beware...

Food, cloth, home, life and air,
We give you things so rare,
We make the world a joyful fair,
But something is wrong, here and there...

The world is burning, please do care,
Stop the pollution, stop this flare,
You are the only, we are sure,
Come and save, the world is yours,

You are the only, we are your...
You are the only, we are your.

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