Desire - Chahat (Hindi)

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:: What was in my mind ::
Desire is not for money... not unjustified fame, but desire to do something valuable and benchmark for the society. So God! Let our duties be perfect and on the right direction, so that we not only gain fame and love from society... but from your side too. Let us become your true pupils.

जिस डगर से हम निकलें,
कारवां साथ हो ले,
जिस सफर पे जाएँ,
फलसफे लिखे जाएँ,
बंजर जमीन हो तो,
फसल लहलाये,
जो छू लें रेत को तो,
सब सोना बन जाए,
इतना करें करम कि,
पूछे प्रभु भी हम से,
बोल ऐसा है क्या,
जो तेरे क़दमों में रखा जाये....

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