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:: What was in my mind ::
There are a lot of proverbs on eys in Hindi and these eyes speaks a lot. Sometimes it judges, sometimes have dreams for future. But in India, for girls having their own dreams, is only a dream, even today.
But still as a women I will fight for my dreams and never forget them...

एक नज़र कहती रुक जा,
एक नज़र कहती बढ़ जा,
हर एक नज़र से देख नज़ारे,
अब भूल रही अपनी नज़रें,
हैं इन नज़रों में ख्वाब कई,
कुछ रंग भरे मेरे मन के हैं,
फिर क्यूँ कहतीं ये नज़रें हैं,
तू भूल उन्हें, मत देख वहाँ।

क्यूँ मुझको जो मंज़िल लगती है,
उसे राह का पत्थर कहतीं नज़रें,
बूढ़ी नज़रें, अपनी नज़रें,
हैं रही डरा मेरी नज़रों से,
जो नज़र मेरी दे रही धोखा,
है सच वो नहीं जो मैंने देखा,
तो भी मैं रहूंगी साथ सदा,
मेरी नज़रों और नज़ारों के।

जो ये नज़रें नहीं होतीं तो,
कैसे दिखतीं बाकी नज़रें,
है नमी आज भी नज़रों में,
पर डर है नहीं किसी नज़रों से,
मेरे अपनों से मिली नज़र,
है नाज़ मुझे इन नज़रों पे,
देखने दो मुझे, अब मत रोको,
जो ख़्वाब बसे मेरी नज़रों में,
बस रखो यकीं मेरी नज़रों पर
ना झुकाऊँगी, ना झुकने दुँगी।

आपकी ही नज़र, है मेरे भीतर,
बतलाती सब सही गलत मुझे,
है मुझको बस उसपर ये यकीं,
लाएगी बचा वो हर मुश्किल से,
नज़र तो है वही मेरी भी,
बस नजरिया ज़रा थोड़ा बदला है,
मेरे नज़रिये से देखो जरा,
क्यों नज़र नज़र में हैं फर्क कई।

तेरी नज़रें, मेरी नज़रें,
करती रहतीं हैं बात कई,
पर मेरे ख्वाबों से कटती हैं,
नज़रों-नज़रों में रात कई,
इसीलिए आगे अब मैं हूँ बढ़ती,
ले साथ लिए सबकी नज़रें,
पर नज़रिया आज भी हूँ रखती,
मेरे ख्वाबों का, मेरे नजारों का…

There are a lot of issues Today's Woman is facing and I want to share her voice with you guys... Kindly read it.

Human eye speaks a lot and reads a lot. Sometimes it shows happiness, sometimes anger and sometimes grievances... It judges situation and other person. In India, girls are still in a misery and restricted condition. They do not have enough rights to take their future decisions in social life, personal life or in career. Even, not only in villages, but also in cities, parents do not allow schooling to them. To avoid eye contact, their own families force them to keep themselves in curtains or in a mask called PARDA. And some people take advantage of it and molest them because they know that girl will remain quite in PARDA due to hesitation and the faulty understanding of society that whether she did wrong or not, she have to suffer for the whole life...

So as a 'Voice' of all Indian women, I plead to society to believe on their female family members. Give them chances to see and fulfill THEIR DREAMS and not only yours... Always remember, before being a girl they are also human and have judgmental rights and power. So they are not just to follow your orders. Encourage them, so that they share their true feelings without any rejection doubt. Allow them to LIVE AS A HUMAN. Stop bothering them on small issues of dress-up and make-up. They are here for big tasks. And, at the end, I just want to say...
'Limiting a human, creates hurdles in his life. There are already many natural calamities and hurdles which slow down the development of human race. Girls are half and indispensable part of it. So do not create more hurdles in their life and in their mind. Try to help them in taking decisions, in sharing talks, in overcoming from their grieves, mishappenings and failures. In short make them BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL and not just an adorable doll'.

And this plead is especially to the women because Women are the one who can discard or create a hurdle. As a mother, sister, friend, mother-in-law, even sometimes daughter all are there who plays an important role in creating or applying new or old limitation on another female and male just takes advantage of it...

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  1. Aabha Pandey
    Re: Thanks Maria. Soon I will share my English compositions as well. English translation of its thought was there for the non-Hindi world. I want to share Indian Women Voice all over the world. Keep reading.
  2. Maria Ghouri
    well it looks like that i would came to know alot about india and indians from reading ur things ...english translation of ur poetry? because i m a pakistani and cant read hindi
  3. Maria Ghouri
    english translation of ur poetry? becayse i m a pkistani and cant read hindi
  4. Aabha Pandey
    Re: Thanks Soniya. Do read and send your valuable feedback on other blog items as well.
  5. Soniya Chauhan
    True. It happens all around us and we also become a part of this wrong doing, sometimes unknowingly. We must support the right to take decision for women. Kudos I am becoming a fan of your writing. Lovely poetry and the play of word 'Nazaren' in different meanings... It was just amazing.